Tracy Spencer

Heated Vinyasa


Tracy fell in love with yoga during her search to find alternate ways to relieve the chronic back pain from her scoliosis. Little did she know that her whole life was going to change. She not only benefited from the physical aspects of the practice, but the subtle nuances of yoga made an even bigger impact on her life. The power of connecting the mind, body, and spirit truly changed her outlook on life and became her savior when yoga lifted her out of the darkness after she got laid off from her job.

Tracy is passionate about devoting her energies toward the positives in life and embracing what is in the present moment while focusing on gratitude. This positive change in her life has sparked a passion to share yoga with others and propelled her to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification.

Tracy also enjoys country dancing, bicycling, spending time with dear friends and traveling. She has raised two beautiful daughters and now loves

being the parent of adult children.

Tracy will get your heart pumping and your spirit glowing. Come join her for Power Vinyasa.