E-RYT 500

Through a lifetime of exploration and dedication to the practices of Yoga, Tom has developed a unique and insightful way of teaching the Art and Science of Yoga. Combining a great attention to detail and the power of Flow, Tom's alignment-based Yoga practice will challenge, transform, and inspire students.

Recognized as an active and leading instructor in the field of yoga, Tom offers a unique, appealing, and challenging alignment-rich Vinyasa Flow with a strong emphasis on functional core strength and optimal joint alignment. His teaching effectively applies the inherent wisdom of ancient Yoga in supporting individuals in obtaining optimal health in body, mind, and spirit through yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Thus, uncovering one’s life potential.Tom teaches classes, individuals, workshops, retreats, and teacher training both nationally as well as internationally.

Tom supports the Mercy for Animals, Sea Shepherds and Farm Sanctuary Organizations.