Sudha Murali

Bombay Jam (Dance Workout)


Fitness Philosophy: “A man`s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs” ~ Joan Welsh


A lifelong dance enthusiast, she started quite young and was a permanent fixture in dance teams during her school and college days. Being fit is a way of life for her and she loves biking, running, hiking & anything outdoors. In addition to Bollywood fitness, Sudha has done several 10k/half-marathons and a full marathon. She continues to be a student of an Indian classical dance form, Kathak.


In Bombay Jam, we let ourselves loose, drop all our inhibitions and exercise to our heart's content without even realizing that we are working out. Students explore isolations, bringing depth, breath, and fun to the workout.


She enjoys encouraging students to challenge themselves in new ways. Having fun while working out is the key to having a long term relationship with your body and mind. It hurts now, but one day, it will be your warm-up!!