Renata Pontil

Hot Pilates

Rewarded with certifications in Pilates and TRX, with a strong background in yoga, Crossfit and Taekwondo, Renata’s teaching style is a cross-platform of every type of work-out with which she’s been committed.  This broad spectrum of fitness enhances her work-out combinations to exude her passion and charismatic positive energy to drive others to feel their best.
Renata is committed to being inspiring while performing a guided and sufficient physical/mental practice; adding new techniques and encouraging her students. Her end goal is to have a strong, energetic practice while supporting all levels.  She teaches a challenging yet accessible class and is passionate about sharing the healing physical, mental and emotional benefits of incorporating fitness in your life.  Her focus is on form and technique, encouraging the mind-body connection to ensure a safe and consistent practice for years to come.
She holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is currently working towards her 2nd degree black belt.  In her free time, she enjoys paragliding, Crossfit, TRX, powerlifting, yoga, pilates, boxing, and hiking with her family and their dog.  She is a credentialed secondary and elementary school teacher and is passionate about working with individuals on the Autism spectrum.
Love yourself today to empower yourself for tomorrow.