I have been practicing Power and Vinyasa flow since 2010 and Hot Pilates since 2011. I currently hold my 200 hr. certification to teach Power and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and am continuing to be trained by Linda McGrath. I am currently working towards my 500 hr. certification. I have been trained in Hot Pilates by Gabriella Walters, the founder of Inferno Hot Pilates Las Vegas. I have taken training and workshops on Anatomy and Philosophy of Yoga from names like Rodger Cole, Matthew Remski, Maty Ezraty and Kathryn Budig. I am continuously educating and cultivate my approach on physical assists in postures, creative sequencing and clear verbal detail cuing. I have a devoted passion and deep respect for the practice of Yoga and Pilates. I seek to share my strength and knowledge about the practice indefinitely with my students. Yoga has allowed me to connect physically, mentally and emotionally in a way that prior to my yoga practice I had never experienced.

My teaching style is aimed more towards strength and alignment than depth and flexibility, as over time those will come. I believe that never can our posture be too good nor can we ever be categorized as too strong. I urge my students to move away from pain caused by compression and over stretching and encourage them to embrace the proper stacking of their bones and wrapping of their musculature. Trouble shooting individual postural form is important to me for I realize nobody is the same nor does it move the same. I emphasize the importance of moving through the postures of yoga by way of the breath. The breath is the most valuable indicator in the practice of yoga; our guide, our energy and our calm all in one. I strongly believe in growth and continued learning as a yoga teacher/ Pilates instructor which is why I will be taking many new training this following year so that I continue to bring fresh perspective and safe suggestions to my cherished students.

My personal interests and practices center around spirituality, vegan nutrition, baking, physical fitness, philosophy and the arts. Three things I can’t live without are my family, my dog and vegan chocolate. I am currently studying at West Valley College working towards my degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences. The coast is my happy place and the sun is my most valued energy source.