Gentle Yoga Classes

Intensity of these classes resembles slow walking, and they are often designed with therapeutic purposes. The last few classes are on the active side of gentle.

Hot Stone Restorative / Reshmika
A very gentle inward form of yoga where the body is placed in highly therapeutic postures that are supported with props. It can be extremely beneficial as a complement to an active asana practice, during pregnancy, illness or just to balance the stresses of daily life. Aromatherapy and hot stones are used to support the healing process and invite the mind to deeply relax.

Self-care Restorative Yoga / Helena
Designed to quiet the mind and cultivate peace and calm. We will use props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets and sandbags to support the body. Restorative postures naturally release tension and encourage ease and relaxation. Regular practice helps support a strong immune system and is beneficial for those who have high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue.

Restorative Yoga / Lisa
Restorative Yoga

Gentle Flow / Reshmika
A great class for beginners. This class will gently challenge you as well as relax your mind and body. Feel immediate effects of this well rounded yoga practice.

Gentle/Yin / Cindie
This noon class is the perfect break from the day and a great relaxing way to get ready for the weekend. It's a gentle class, with a blend of easy movement, stretching, a touch of Yin yoga and brief meditation. This class welcomes all levels.

Hatha / Geetika
The class is based on postures, breathing, meditation, and affirmations. The effects are often felt in the body and breath, but also in the emotions. The goals include a body full of health and strength, and free of stress, a clear and calm mind, a heart full of love, a strong yet pliable will, and a life filled with balance and joy.

Alignment-based Hatha/ Lisa
Bringing precision to your asana practice, empowering the individual with modern biomechanics of the body. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, healing from injury, an athlete, or a teacher looking to refine their skills, this class will bring strength, stability, and protection to your practice. Yoga philosophy is always touched upon in an approachable, yet inquisitive manner. So come find your edge in a non-judgemental environment and grow your practice while learning some of the essential techniques in yoga asana!

Mindful Hatha / Phil
This class focuses on breath and good alignment. Some gentle flow is incorporated to help warm up the body and prepare for the balance poses and deeper stretching. This class is suitable for all levels. Classes are not heated..

Flow-based Yoga Classes

Medium intensity practice. Flow based classes tie movement to breath, and focus on strengthening.

Yoga Classic for Beginners / Izumi
Introduction to flow yoga. Building a foundation and mindset for yoga practice that fosters awareness to breath and alignment. It is an opportunity to learn yourself and your limitations to make your practice safe. The aim is to flow as a moving meditation.

YogaFlow Fundamentals / Tom
Taught by one of our most experienced teachers, the class provides essential building blocks for a successful Yoga practice for those newer to yoga as well as those who want to enhance and deepen their practice. Bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps are used to ensure comfort and alignment.

Mindful Flow / Phil
This class focuses on breath and good alignment. During the flow, transition between poses is synchronized with the breath. The flow helps to warm up the body and prepares it for balance poses and deeper stretching. Classes are slightly heated to about 76/77°F.

Yoga Flow / Tom
A dynamic practice of Postures, Breath, and Concentration with an emphasis on Functional Anatomy, Bio-Mechanics, and Alignment Principles. Designed to develop a strong foundation of Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance for all of life's endeavors.

Choreographed Sun Flow / Izumi
The core flow of this practice is choreographed based on Sun Salutation; classical poses and vinyasa sequence. We focus on our breath synchronized with our mind and consciously connect one pose to the next. Offered in English on Mondays and in Japanese on Wednesdays (often with English speaking students participation too).

Sunrise Flow/ Manju
This class is designed to open the body with warm up and sun salutations with breath synchronization and preparing the body to move to postures with flow and a good relaxing shavasana . It focuses more on breath, body and mind connection and keeps you energetic for the rest of the day.

Vinyasa / Michelle
This class moves continuously with breath linked to every movement. The practice warms your body from the inside out and develops strength and fluidity in your body and mind.

Heated Vinyasa / Tracy  heated up to 85 F
This class moves continuously with breath linked to every movement. Practiced in a heated room and develops strength and fluidity in your body and mind. 

Power Yoga and Pilates Classes

Breathy and sweaty! Healthy individuals can sustain the workload for about an hour.

Power Yoga/ Michelle or Manju  heated up to 90 FPower Yoga takes a dynamic energetic approach filled with opportunities to invigorate your practice with the introduction of more advanced postures. Power is a challenging flowing series of movements linked together with breath practiced in a heated room. Expect of gain profound mental, physical and spiritual strength building benefits.

Yogalates / Michelle
From Yoga's classical Sun salutations to the strengthening repetition of Hot Pilates, Yogalates addresses all the major muscle groups, especially good ab and back strength. It is a comprehensive practice that synchronizes breath with movement. The low impact but invigorating format of the blend challenges all levels; stimulating body awareness and strength development.

Power Pilates / Cindie Renata or Elena
If you are looking for something more challenging in all aspects, try this class. You will learn the fundamentals of core strength and the use of full body exercises that boost your fitness level and give you a great sweat.

Hot Pilates / Cindie or Michelle   heated up to 90 FA full body workout incorporating Pilates moves for core strength, high intensity intervals (HIIT), core exercises, and full body movements to increase your endurance, flexibility, and strength. Bring a towel for your mat.

Specialty Classes

Pre & Postnatal Kundalini Yoga / CherishYoga during pregnancy has to be different than "regular" yoga, for the safety and health of the mother and baby. The Khalsa Way movements, based on Kundalini Yoga, can be modified for any phase of pregnancy. The material presented is especially designed to accommodate her ever changing body and to encourage her baby's health.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga Fusion / Helena
This conditioning class is for those students who want to gain strength and power through a spectrum of strong to graceful movements, bringing in basic elements of empty- hand martial arts, Tai Chi and Qi Gong for a unique blend of movement with breath in mind, a balance of yin and yang. Benefits to this practice include building and maintaining muscle mass, increasing bone strength, improved flexibility and balance. The class ends with restorative poses.

Partner Yoga / Manju
Partner yoga is a wonderful way to experience yoga while sharing trust, communication, playfulness, connection, listening and healing touch. Open to all levels and is a great way to introduce a newbie.

Dance workout: Bombay Jam / Sudha   indoor shoes, mat, towal and water required
Powered by the explosively fun Bollywood culture, Bombay Jam is the ultimate dance fitness total body workout. In Bombay Jam, we let ourselves loose, drop all our inhibitions and exercise to our heart's content without even realizing that we are working out.