Cindie Heverly took her first Yoga class in the late 90’s. Approaching yoga with several injuries, she realized how beneficial yoga was, not only to her physical recovery, but how it resonated with her personal and spiritual beliefs. Intrigued by the philosophy of Yoga and the ever-changing road to self discovery, she traded in her bartending boots, bottle opener and NYC lifestyle, for a yoga mat and a passion to teach and help others. She completed her teacher training in NYC in 2005, quickly landed in the Bay Area and begun her life changing journey.

Her style is uniquely her own ~ Teaching from her personal experiences on and off her mat, she blends humor, awareness of breath, and carefully weaves in the importance of gratitude and SELF love. Accompanied by fun music, her personality keeps things light and welcoming for every body.. She teaches Vinyasa, Hot Pilates, Bikram, Yin and Gentle yoga. She is passionate about working with elderly folks, people in recovery and trauma sensitive teens…

She’s on a mission… one breath, one smile, one hug at a time!

She has completed certifications with Seane Corn, Max Strom, Paul Grilley and Gabriella Walters, as well as these additional “journey specific” trainings:

  • Hot Pilates (with Gabriella Walters) A high intensity interval training, in heated room, combining pilates/yoga
  • S.O.A.R (Success Over Addiction and Relapse) a program that helps those working through addiction
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) to help those that suffer from low back pain, sciatica and emotional trauma
  • OTM (Off the Mat into the World) Leadership program led by Seane Corn/Hala Khouri/Suzanne Sterling
  • UpRising Yoga Certification for teaching trauma sensitive, at-risk and juvenile youth