Cherish "Hari Pritpal" completed the Khalsa Way- Prenatal Training with Gurmukh in January 2017. She has been a Certified Touch Therapist & Doula for over a decade.


After helping her sister bring her 1st child into the world she knew she was dedicated to this amazing service. Helping women bring souls into the world was nothing short of a miracle.


This soon lead her to creating Sacred; an in home healing practice that delivers massage, homemade teas and oils for fertility, prenatal and postpartum mamas.


She holds monthly women's circles & weekly girls groups as a way to connect the women and youth of the community. These circles include yoga, journaling, dancing & meditation; much like what you would experience in the Yoga for Pregnancy & Postpartum class.


"There is something very real and powerful about holding a strangers hand & realizing she was your sister all along." ~Cherish Drivas