Dear Water and Sunshine members,


In the past six months, the studio has been the center of my mind and soul. We added many new classes and the average class size had exceeded 7 and had continued to grow. My heart has been filled with the appreciation for the tremendous support from our community and for the wonderful work of our instructors and staff members.


A reality I have subconsciously ignored until just this week is that the high rent in this area makes the business unsustainable. Currently, our rent cost averages over $10 per student per class, while the teacher cost is about $6 per student per class.


Reducing rent necessarily means to reduce studio size in the area, but that would limit class size. Our most popular classes are nearly packed.


We have explored every possible location in the past 6 months. We had chosen a place to relocate after the lease ends at current location on 6/30. However, the landlord at the new location seemed to be in no hurry, and it became clear just recently that the new location will not be ready many months after our targeted date. The reality forced us to sadly make a difficult decision to close the studio on 7/1.


We will keep our classes running until the end of the month. We will try our best to keep the current teachers and class quality unchanged. We hope you will continue to use our service until then.


We will prorate all membership and passes, and refund unused classes back to your account ASAP after 6/30. We will only sell drop-ins between now and 6/30 at a discounted drop in rate of $12 per visit just in case you have run out of your existing passes, and still want to practice with your teachers and friends.


We are trying to find ways to help teachers to relocate their classes. We will keep our website running with updates.


I am certain about the demand for a yoga studio in the Saratoga area, and I am willing to share my knowledge, experience and connection to anyone who can find a workable location. I will miss the Yoga Fusion class that I have been looking forward to every Sunday morning, and I hope several young teachers who have just started their teaching here can continue on their journey. We have no regret for taking over the studio, and being able to serve you the best we can.


It was a privilege to get to know so many of you, our Water and Sunshine members. I have received several kind emails after I sent out the initial notice yesterday, and that meant a lot to me and my family!


I want to thank my wife and my son for their support. I wish you can continue your practice, and stay connected with your mind and body.



Jimmy Wang

Owner of Water and Sunshine yoga studio